2000 – 2009

Playing the Game

words and music by Brad Reddekopp

(The original version of this song was written in the late seventies or early eighties and was re-written to correspond with my present experience and views.)

I’ve been playing this game
and one thing I’ve learned
There’s no one else to blame
And to blame yourself is absurd

A paper face
is a thin disguise
When you run the race
under rainy skies

If I was deluded then
What is my delusion now?
I don’t remember when
But I think I know how

Is it a change of mind
Is it a coming home
Looked in the mirror to find
This ageing flesh and bone

Can’t pretend to see through your eyes
My cover is already blown
After all the only perspective
that I can have is my own

I can only think what I can
I hope I’m honest and true
I am who I’ve always been
I am here with you

I don’t wonder what life is for
I only know that we are here
I don’t believe in beyond any more
No eternal hope or fear

Life has no inherent meaning
but it means a lot to me
In a world that’s torn and bleeding
Life is all I can see

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