About Us


  • Brad Reddekopp – guitars, vocals, big ego *
  • Steve Kern – guitars, vocals, keyboards, carpentry, sound, indispensability *
  • Al Sebastian – drums, calm certitude drawn from experience
  • John de Boer – bass, vocals, pipes, multi-instrumentalist, super-talented new guy
  • Laurette Tesla – vocals, percussion, ego modifying specialist


  • Stan Walker – drums *
  • Cassidy Helps – drums
  • Heather Harris – blues harp, vocals, percussion, counter-balancing ego *

None of our drummers have exploded mid-gig.  So far.

Have filled in for absent members at least once:

Axes of Ego is a rock & roll band based in the Hazeltons in northwest British Columbia specializing in danceable classic rock and blues covers and, if the event is appropriate for it, some original rockin’ compositions.  The first incarnation of Axes of Ego formed in approximately 2006 but Brad and Steve have been playing together on and off since about 1984.

Brad, Heather, Laurette, and Steve were previously members of the Brad Reddekopp Band, later called The BRB.

Al is a founding member of the legendary Hazelton area rock & roll band, Us Guys, and joined us in 2009.

John is a multi-instrumentalist who plays in several local bands and took over bass duties (and more) for us in 2013.

Laurette joined Axes of Ego on an I’ll be there when I can capacity in 2013 and has become a regular member in recent years.

Heather handed in her resignation in the summer of 2013 but has occasionally performed with us since then.  We ain’t that easy to quit!  😉

For contact information, please see our contact page.


* Founding member

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