· KVMF 2009

MP3s from our set at the Kispiox Valley Music Festival, July 24, 2009.  Here are all nine songs, in the order in which we played them, warts and all:

  1.       1. Bad to the Bone
  2.       2. Hit the Road Jack
  3.       3. Playing the Game
  4.       4. A Little Freedom
  5.       5. Come a Long Way
  6.       6. Broken Promises and Lies
  7.       7. Justice
  8.       8. First We Take Manhattan
  9.       9. Rock and Roll

The four original songs were written by me. “Bad to the Bone” is a classic George Thorogood song. “Hit the Road Jack” was written by Percy Mayfield and made famous by Ray Charles. “Justice” is a Bruce Cockburn song – you don’t hear it often but it’s one of my favourites. “First We Take Manhatten” is a Leonard Cohen classic, of course, and “Rock and Roll”, obviously, is from Led Zeppelin.

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