Smithers Relay for Life 2014

We just found out this weekend that the Relay for Life musical event in Smithers is happening this year on June 7.  Last year, we were told that that would be the last year for the event and we’re pleased to learn that it ain’t so.

Relay for Life, in case you’re not familiar with it, is an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Cancer has touched all of our lives in one way or another so we’re eager to help if we can.

Apparently, new people are organizing the event in Smithers this year and they didn’t know how to contact us.  Someone connected with them happened to mention to Steve that they were wondering how to contact that Axes of Ego band.  Happily, he was able to fill them in.

(Hey guys, we have our own web site and we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace – we shouldn’t be that hard to find. 😉 )

So, I guess we’ll see you in Smithers on June 7.  More details to come soon, I expect.

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