After “Divas and Friends”

We only did six songs but they made us the closing act (when we’re the loud ones, they usually put us last 😉 ) in an evening that ran a little more than an hour-and-a-half and, from what I could tell what with the stage lights and all, everyone seemed to still be there when we played and they made nice approval noises after each song.  I hope plenty of money was raised for the Smithers art gallery.

Apparently, this event used to focus only on a certain type of music.  Show tunes and such, if I remember correctly.  These days, they’ve expanded their musical tastes significantly!  There was classical music, there was folk music, there was a choir, there were dancers of various genres and, whaddaya know, there was an aging rock & roll band: us.

It was pretty cool to have our alumnus, Heather Harris, join us for several songs with her blues harp.  Laurette won’t be able to make it to our gig at the Bear Claw Lodge on April 3rd but Heather happens to be willing and able to step in for it.  We’ll miss you for that one, Laurette.  Heather, thanks for coming out.

Here’s what we played:

  • I Ain’t Superstitious (Willie Dixon; circa 1961)
  • Shopping Blues (Brad Reddekopp; 1998)
  • Heartache Tonight (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bob Seger, J.D. Souther; 1983)
  • Right (Brad Reddekopp; 2010)
  • Keep On Lovin’ Me Baby (Colin James; 1990)
  • Northern Sky (Brad Reddekopp; 1989)

By the way, a recording of “Northern Sky” featuring Brad Reddekopp and Theresa Forsyth is available on a compilation CD benefiting community radio in Prince George, BC.


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