After the Smithers Homecoming Gig

Well, that was fun.  The turnout was pretty good.  It seemed like people were starting to gather near the end of the set before us and the numbers increased as we played.  Thanks to everyone who danced!  You made it more fun for everyone, especially us.

The performance went well but Al and I had a brief discussion last week (well before this event) and agreed that we probably shouldn’t do gigs without Steve and Heather.  It just isn’t as good. Sure, there was more room for me to showboat but still…

Geoff Watling did an excellent job filling in on bass but we were only able to get in two practices with him.  So, really, he did an amazing job. However, it’s tough to replace all those years of practice and chemistry with Steve.

It was great to have our new member, Laurette Tesla, adding vocals and djembe.  We missed Heather’s guitar, harmonica, and voice, though.

So, good gig.  Lots of fun.  Looking forward to getting back to our regular lineup!

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