Axes at Smithers Homecoming

Almost Axes of Ego will be playing tonight (Sunday) in Smithers at the Legacy Stage on the corner of Main Street and Broadway, 8 to 10 pm, for Homecoming Week in honour of the one hundredth anniversary of the town.

I’m calling it “Almost Axes of Ego” because we don’t have Steve or Heather with us for this one.

Steve is off paddling the Nahanni.  An opening suddenly came up and it was too good to miss.  Who could blame him?

Heather just got married and is away on her honeymoon.

I dunno, man.  I can see missing a gig to paddle the Nahanni but for a honeymoon?  [shrug]  So it goes. 😉

Filling in for Steve is our good friend Geoff Watling, an experienced and very talented bass player (and vice president of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society).  Nobody is taking Heather’s place but we do have a new member of the band: Laurette Tesla.  Her notable voice sure helps fill out the sound.

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