Opening for Trooper

Yep, we opened for Trooper at the 100th Annual Telkwa Barbecue concert.  We had time for a 45-minute set, which I think went really well.  Here’s what we played:

Get A Haircut
I Ain’t Superstitious
I Want to Break Free
All Right Now
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)
Bad Bad Boy
Bad to the Bone
Won’t Get Fooled Again

After Trooper’s set was finished, I started carrying my stuff out to the car. Passing by the backstage area, I happened to meet Ra McGuire and Gogo. Ra walked up and shook my hand, asked my name, etc. Gogo asked about our music and if we have anything online. Really nice, friendly guys. They must have been really tired by then but they took a moment to say hi.

I took some photos of Trooper’s set. You can see them on Facebook.

My wife and granddaughter took a bunch of photos of our set.  Here are what I think are the ten best.  If you want to see the more than 60 pics I uploaded after thinning them out but before reducing them to the best ten, they’re on Facebook.


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