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Congrats to The Racket

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Congratulations to The Racket! These three talented, passionate, dedicated guys have made it to the top three in the BC’s Best Teen Band Contest 2013 on

They got into the top 10 on the strength of the demo they submitted. They got into the top 3 on the strength of community support via voting. The other two in the top 3 are from BC’s Lower Mainland while The Racket are from South Hazelton, the Kispiox Valley, and Smithers — a collection of small communities in northern BC.

The next step is a battle of the bands.  The Racket has something strong and unique and I think they’ve got a good chance to win this thing.  However, whether they finish first, second, or third in this competition, I think they’ve got a great future in music as long as they decide to go for it and keep going for the dream.

Houston rocks!

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Last weekend, we played a dance for the Houston Oldtimers Hockey tournament in Houston, BC, hosted by the Houston Beer Pigs, and it was probably our best gig yet. What made the difference was the audience: they were there to have a good time and they didn’t need two or three sets to start getting into the mood to dance. No, these folks were up on the dance floor almost right from the start of the first set and they didn’t quit. That makes it more fun for us, which makes for a better show, which means more fun for the crowd, which makes it more fun for us…

The Houston Community Hall is quite good, too. It seems to have been built with some acoustic considerations in mind and the stage isn’t too small. Some halls are deep and narrow but this one is not too deep and it’s nice and wide. I think that makes for a better dance floor dynamic and you can see more of what’s going on when you’re on the stage.

Would we play there again? You bet!